an intro to existence


I have no beautiful husband, no photogenic toddlers, no bowl of perfectly-prepared organic fruit. I won’t be sharing workout selfies or skincare advertorials. You won’t be subjected to my breathless spiel on my latest Detox Superfood Smoothie recipe. If you are looking for glossy pictures of unattainable lifestyles, go pick up any lifestyle publication since the advent of Photoshop. But if the brag-gratitude egotism of most lifestyle blogs makes you a bit spewy, maybe you will find something less gross here. I don’t have a glamorous life to show off, but I do have a few valuable ideas on living well today. I’m keen to share if you’re keen to read.

This blog is an outlet for my interest in the state of our world and my quiet hope for the future of all of us living things aboard planet Earth. We are on a scary trajectory right now, but I see opportunities springing up between the very real and very frequent ordeals. I want to write about those chances for change, big and small, and I want to share my knowledge now and in future as I read, research, try, fail and experience different ways. I want to connect with like-minded people, exchange ideas and share around priceless knowledge that even your grandmother was too young to remember.

Humanity has never known more, yet the Great Forgettings and the Extinction of Experience [look them up] have stolen ancient knowledge that could save the modern world: how to live within our means and within our local biome; how to use natural inputs and cycles; how to produce, store and prepare our food locally without totalitarian agriculture; how to connect and thrive as a community.. Around the world, this traditional wisdom, married with modern knowledge, is making a comeback. A rebellion, led by some true modern heroes, is gaining ground with little publicity. I desperately want this quiet revolution to succeed because I believe it offers us the best chance at a living future. Scientific advances and space travel aren’t escape plans I’m willing to wait on.

“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” Bill Mollinson

Speaking of true heroes, news of Bill Mollison’s death broke this morning as I wrote. To weather the coming years and create a world worth bringing photogenic children into, we need to develop a strong, radical framework to replace the status quo power structures leading us to the brink.  Mollison’s permaculture teachings deserve to be woven in there. May his ideas not rest with him, but take root & grow wild across the Earth.

postPeace out Bill, and thank you.  (credit: WordPress stock first-post photo)

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